Our history

Many people had important insights, but not all have been able to accomplish, engineer and to realize their dreams
Bed Up Down is the results of ideas to solve problems that we all try to solve in our daily live
“In 1987 I was 24 years old, I had many passion for my work, watching outside the world of the business world, I also dreamed of being part of that group of people who, with great sacrifice and love for their work, opened their company in the hope of being able to improve their lifestyle, giving a more secure future for their families. So in 1988 I founded the A.G. Stamp, in memory of my father Antonio Gatta, later became 2G Stamp current name of my company. The economy at that time allowed anyone to dare, but at the same time, those who had no strength and will, as well as the ability, succumbed to the natural laws of the market. Quality, timeliness and so much spirit of sacrifice were the features required during the economic boom of our country. The company policy has always been to use large shares of profits in research and development of new products to be patented and market. The recession, which began in my sector in 2004, led me to explore new solutions to resume the path of rapid expansions undertaken in previous years. Thus was born, just for fun, the first bed in the world hanging in the ceiling, the result of technological and design sensibility. An idea unique in the world and I believe that Italian fruit originally that the world recognizes us. Today in the team of my company works also my daughter Alexia and many figures dear to me. Alexia is dedicated especially to communication and marketing. In the near future I thins also my second daughter Ilaria will be part of the team and thanks to her degree in Business and Management in English will help to further develop of our business in foreign markets. Other innovative products are at the design stage. Our story continue...

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