Our need was to give our two teenagers,  the possibility to have each their own bedroom

As it was not possible to divide their room because of the small size,  even the apartment did not offered alternative solutions, we made a search on Internet where we found the Bed Up Down “the bed that comes down from the ceiling” it was the perfect solution for us: also if it was apparently surreal!

We contacted the company and after we had the possibility to see concretely the Bed Up Down in a private home, in our city, our latest concern were gone! In a short time we decided to do the installation in our living room.

This choice has settled happily the needs’ of our family, all without having to change the furniture and move anything in our stay. The bed is very comfortable and easy to prepare in the evening and in the morning. It is a choice that today we would make independently by the need, because it is a special fantastic bed!

Thanks to all the staff of Bed Up Down and especially technicians who carried out the installation!

Clara and Massimo, Rome

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