A new home , without changing home

The realized dream was to have an extra room without changing home.

I live in a studio apartment and I was tired to sleep on uncomfortable and bulky sofa-bed.

Now I can enjoy of all the whole space, having a sofa during the day, and a real comfortable bed for the night.

Now we are using the saved space as livingroom with a comfortable and deep sofa, a table, a carpet, and a very big scratching post for my cat.  I do not have to move anything in my room, when I get the bed down from the ceiling. I can furnish every wall of the room. The enviroment is really more spacious and bright.

It is really easy to use, you click the botton on the remote control and it does everything.  It is also really comfortable to prepare the bed in the morning, you can stop the bed at your hight.


I absolutely suggest this solution to everyone, not only to people that live in small spaces, but also to people that for example want to exploit all the space in their living-room, for their open spaces… this solution has also a very strong impact of design


Finally, I’m really happy to have choose Bed Up Down!


Thank you to all the team!

Silvia and Artù (roommate meow), Milano – Italy


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