Bologna, Italy

Total area:

24 mq

Customer’s needs:

The costumer has always dreamed of being able to have a real bed inside her studio, when she discovered the Bed Up Down solution she saw her dream come true …

The costumer spent her nights on an uncomfortable sofa bed, given the small size of her studio apartment she could not afford a bed on the floor.

Despite having carefully chosen his sofa bed with attention to quality, he never got the same comforts as a bed with a real mattress. When he discovered our solution he fell in love with it, both for the design and for its functionality.

But his need was to have a Bed Up Down with a height of at least 40 cm, but he didn’t like the idea of ​​having his feet on sight


Our technicians have carefully studied and after the tests passed wonderfully have created a whole new structure. The Anthea bed with hidden feet.

With just a few simple moves the feet appear and disappear depending on the use, thus allowing you to have the height of a normal bed without having to see the feet.

As studied by our designers in agreement with the client, our plasterboarders have created a step in the false ceiling to enhance the Bed Up Down on the side where the entrance to the room is locate

The spotlights inside the plasterboard are LED to ensure energy savings, the straps are detachable and the structure of the white laminate bed for a square and a half for a 140 x 190 cm mattress supplied by us


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