Milan, Italy

Total area:

55 mq

Customer’s needs:

The costumer was evaluating the purchase of a three-rooms or of a one bedroom apartment.


When ha found our solution Bed Up Down required us to do an inspection into the one bedroom apartment, the cost of this apartment was really lower than the three-rooms apartment.

Once confirmed the feasibility of the project, he chose to buy the one bedroom apartment.

With our solution, the costumer saved the cost of one extra room equal to  50.000 € !!!

With Bed Up Down he obtained 2 rooms in one bedroom apartment. We installed the Bed Up Down into the living room, here he wanted a sofa a wardrobe and a TV. At night with a click the bed comes down from the ceiling transforming the living room in a real bedroom.



Our experts created a withe bed frame for a standard double mattress. We also supplied the mattress in Memory 22 cm high. The ceiling was 2.90 m high.

In order to allow to set a sofa into the room, wich was really little, we created a new solution in order to soddisfate the needs of the costumer.

So we created the new bed “Lupo” – the structure was created without legs and was reinforced on the base in order to allow it to support on the sofa. On the foot side we installed the drop foot, that opens and closes according to the need of the moment.

Our technicians created a false ceiling customized for the costumer. On the headboard side of the bed, there is a window with a box that contains the blind. We realized the false ceiling leaving the space to perform maintenance inside the box


The spotlights into the false ceiling are Led in order to safeguard the energy and the straps are detachable


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