I wanted to open a B&B, I wanted it to be really special and different fro many others in the area.

I wanted it to be different also in terms of space and technically. The need I had in mind was to realize a king-size, but it wouldn’t have to occupy the entire guest room. Often guests have the demand both aesthetic and functional for a room that gives them a sense of the amplitude. After evaluating many solutions, that were not suitable to our needs. Searching on internet we found this original solution. It is the perfect solution, as well as spectacular: see the bed to come down from the ceiling looks like the landing of a spaceship.

Now my king-size bed disappears into the ceiling because it is included into a false ceiling that is really spectacular. The room is totally free and can be used as a living room with sofa, TV and other equipment. It is as if we have an extra room.


It is a solution that I would recommend, and the proof is that to every guest of my B&B that comes I say anything, I accompany them in the room and tell them to click the remote control… and their wonder printer in the faces is fantastic. Rewards our choice and also rewards you that who have the idea. It’s like to became kind again and play with reality.


We learned that it is easier to show than explain


Suite B&B Roma San Giovanni

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