Bed up down is really the realization of a dream

We finally have a bed always ready, always tidy and always in perfect condition, it is the dream of every woman. Personally I like to sleep in a bed where the sheets are taut (not like when using a sofa bed) and, with this powerful solution I solved my problem.

Also a studio flat is always difficult to decorate! We must exploit all possibile spaces, nave it nice and cozy and, above all functional. With Bed Up Down all this it is made possible! The saving-space bed allows me to make the most of all the walls with furniture, paintings radiators, etc… Especially being able to position the table below. Comfortable and practical.

The system is convenient. No effort, perfect control and simplicity.

The solution I like so much that I suggest it to those who have space problems. It’s perfect for a room for children, as a guest bedroom, in a house by the sea, in the mountains or, as in my case in an accommodation in the town center. Practically you recover a room! Above is one such innovation that will change the mind the doubters and intrigue your friends

Must try! Thank Bed Up Down


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