Categories: Beds, Letti, Outsize bed


Rome, Italy

Total area

62 mq

Customer’s need

Our customer’s son is a very tall 16-years old boy. When he was about changing the bed for a new one, he realized that a bigger bed did not allow to obtain a comfortable and liveable room


Bed Up Down created a no-standard bed in order to enable the boy a fully usage of the room as a living room to host friends during the day – and as a bedroom during the evening.


Now when the boy is not at home, thanks to Bed Up Down, the customer rents the room to tourists creating a further economic inflow.   Click here for the website


The mattress measures  160 x 220 cm and the structure is 170 x 230 cm. The feet are transparent 6 cm high. The room is very little, so our experts lowered the entire room with a false ceiling 32 cm high

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