Categories: Letti


Rome, Italy

Total area:
55 mq

Customer’s needs:

Customers had just got into the rented apartment, and wanted to customize it as they would have lived there for many years.

Originally the house was a two-room apartment: a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The couple did not want to give up a sitting room where to welcome their guests


Our technicians designed and installed the Bed Up Down at the centre of the room, at the beginning it was the bedroom.

In this way they realized the dream of having both the living room and the bedroom, although the house was still a two-room apartment


Our experts realized a standard white laminate structure for a double mattress 160 x 190 cm without feet, they wanted a very low bed and without visible feet.

The space into the room are very small, so our technicians realized a false ceiling that covered the entire room, hiding the bed when it is -Up. The false ceiling is 32 cm high, the space is high enough to contain the bed with the mattress, pillows and blankets


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