Categories: Beds, double bed, Flat, Letti


Milan, Italy

Total area:

50 mq

Customer’s needs:

The customer after his separation, needed to recover a bedroom for his child into his little flat in Milan.  He wanted to leave his only bedroom to his 7 years old son, in this way he would have his own room were to sleep and spend his time.

At the beginning he valued the possibility of buying a sofa bed, but he did not want to sleep in that conditions, so after a careful research, he choose our solution. Thanks to Bed Up Down he would have had a real bed with a comfortable mattress that does not take space in his living room


Our experts realized a standard installation with a false ceiling frame around the bed 32 cm high, into this space fits the bed with the mattress, the pillows and the blankets


On customers request we installed into the false ceiling the Led spotlights. The feet are transparent 7 cm high, the mattress is double standard 160 x 190 cm 16 cm high. The beds structure is 170 x 200 cm and it is made of wengè color, the customer wanted to cordinate his bed to his kitchens color that is located right in front of it

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