Turin, Italy

Total area:

70 mq

Customer’s needs:

The customer had the urgent need to change the bed of his son. His bed was too small for him. The teenage boy, has already reached a height very high. It is expected to grow still several centimeters.

The room is too smal to occupy the ground with a bed of 2.40 cm in length, and to have free space to move around.

The customer saw our solution in our showrooms (in Alpignano in Via Cavour 31, 10091 TO) and after having carefully considered all the solutions chose the Bed Up Down. Ours is the only solution that can completely eiiminare the space of the bed to the ground during the day when not needed


Our technicians lowered the whole ceiling of the room of 32 cm. The bed is customized for the boy, we also provide the mattress with a turnkey service


Our team ade the structure of the bed, providing also the mattress made specifically for the boy 130 x 240 cm.

The legs are transparent to 10 cm. To reduce energy consumption, we have included, as requested by the customer, the halogen lights around the bed. that double as chandeliers.

The boy. which it is a great reader, also demanded led strip inside the false ceiling, so as to be able to have more diffuse lighting for reading. To make reading more comfortable, we have included also the fixed folding headboard.

As requested we have customized the headboard by realizing the same blue of the doors of the furniture. even the wooden frame of the bed based on the structure of the cabinets

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