Milan, Italy

Total area:

52 mq

Customer’s needs:

The customer had the need to recover a bedroom for her and her husband. The children a boy and a girl from when they were little shared the same room, now grown have the desire and the need to have their own spaces, in separate rooms. So the couple decided to get her their bedroom, but now they have to find a solution for their bed.

Both the bedroom were too small to get another room. After evaluating the possibility of change and buy a bigger house, they  that the operation was totally out of their budget.

They have so evaluated various solutions foldaway beds, finally have chosen the Bed Up Down, the only solution that does not require the use of a peripheral wall and which does not occupy space


Our experts realized as agreed with the customer, a modular pre assembled false ceiling realized in our Company. The bed lay perfectly in front of the sofa, which do as a headboard when the bed is in position -Down


Our team has made the structure of the standard double bed for a mattress 160 x 190 cm by 16 cm high.

The legs are transparent 8 cm high. To reduce energy consumption, we have included, as requested by the customer, the halogen lights around the bed, which also do as chandelier

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